Moleskine notebook first use

What is the first thing you do when you unwrap your new fresh Moleskine notebook?

We have found this very nice and useful video:

So, which are your first steps to have your Moleskine notebook ready?

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8 thoughts on “Moleskine notebook first use

  1. I think could be better if the moleskine books bring on with numbers pages… and another idea: you could sell to people stamps for names as in presentation form that was.

  2. I usually write a favorite inspirational quote on the inside page – something to get the new year off to a good start – and often paste an image/photo as well. And I never start writing on the first page.

  3. I’d never desecrate my moleskine notebook like that but to each its own. Numbered pages would be nice, as @alexcostacurta says, but instead of stamps for names, I’d like transparent white-printed labels for the spine, like those included in the Colour-a-Month daily planner. That’d be awesome.
    First time I open a Moleskine, I check everything, from binding to texture of the materials, smell, inserts (if any) and QC number label. I don’t stick it to the inside of the back pocket for it makes it difficult to read and photograph if needed. Oh, the pleasur of opening the moleskine notebooks… Like unwrapping christmas gifts all year long!

  4. I sit quietly with my Moleskine, running through an assortment of ideas for the first page that will set the tone for the rest of my entries – hopefully something intelligent, concise and brilliant. Then I say a quiet prayer and hope like hell I won’t botch the whole business by making a spelling mistake! It’s a nerve-wracking time.

  5. I usually stick a few pics in the back page- one of me and my wife, Lesley, and one of Archie, my Bengal! Then write the details and the number of the book -currently No.43
    At one time, I used to stick in some fairly randomly selected pics, quotes and cuttings- in case I needed inspiration, but these I days I seem to get through them so quickly there seems little point!

    By the way Adrienne, I wouldn’t worry too much about spelling- I presume you noticed that the video is titled Brand New Molesine 🙂

  6. Since I use my moleskine a lot, I usually ‘paint’ the end of the page marker with colourless nail polish. This way, it prevents the separation of its fibers, keeping the page marker impeccable throughout the whole time I’m using my moleskine – also with the advantage of being an invisible protection.

  7. I begin opening it a few pages at a time from the front, then the back. (I’ve heard that it’s the way to do fine leather books). Of course, smell it. Put in all the info and reward if found. (Usually $20 for me). Then I draw some kind of picture (sun, man, something to kind of represent the mood I’m in). Also, write some drivel about how it’s okay to USE the journal — mess it up a little. It’s OKAY to USE!
    Then I’m ready to go. Thoughts, something I want to remember, occasional “to do” lists, etc.

  8. I’ve always thought it would be nice to have a moleskine which contained several different formats. For instance, a moleskine with one third ruled pages, another third squared, and another third would be plain pages. This way, one is able to use one single moleskine for planning, drawing, and writing.

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