Moleskinerie Logo competition results

We would like to say thank you to everyone who took part in our Moleskinerie blog contest. We received over 2,000 entries and the submissions were so beautiful and compelling, that in addition to selecting one winner, we are also going to showcase in a couple of days the shortlist of the best entries and their respective designers on

Our judging panel included Maria Sebregondi and Peter Hobolt Jensen from the Moleskine team, as well as guest judges, Pablo Gonzalez, the Global Creative Director for Digital at Lego and Birgit Lohmann, co-founder of DesignBoom. The Moleskine team, along with Pablo and Birgit, reviewed all of the entries and although the decision was very difficult, we narrowed it down to a shortlist of 117 designers and the one designer we felt best embodied Moleskine brand core values of contemporaneity, sensibility, functionality, aesthetics, execution.

As we’ve shared previously, this contest has been a learning experience for us – and we thank this community for the conversation and open thoughts. We continue in our pledge not to make commercial use of any of these entries, including the winner’s, and all of the designers featured below will retain full rights to their entries.

The winning submission is MOLESKINERIE n. f. (lat. moleskinum). Small graphic digression by Sylvain Bouyer. Sylvain Bouyer will receive the grand prize of 5.000€.

Please help us celebrate Sylvain’s success as well as all of the entries submitted by the participating designers. It is an honor to share your creativity on our blog.

All of the shortlisted entries can be viewed on Designboom. We will also be showcasing the entries in a gallery on soon — stay tuned!

The jury

Maria Sebregondi – Moleskine Executive Director, Brand Equity

Peter Hobolt Jensen – Moleskine Executive Director, Digital

Pablo Gonzalez – Lego, Creative Director

Birgit Lohmann –  DesignBoom, Co-Founder


Birgit Lohmann
birgit lohmann (b. hamburg, germany) is  the co-founder of designboom.
for over 20 years she practiced as designers and product development managers for a number of renowned italian companies, architects and master designers (including achille castiglioni, andrea branzi, bruno munari, and renzo piano). since 1987 and for more than 10 years, birgit has been the personal design assistant of vico magistretti, and during this time, for 6 years, she also joined enzo mari in the art direction of KPM, the historic royal porcelain manufacture in berlin, germany, founded in 1763 by frederick the great.
birgit has also worked as design historians for justice departments and international auction houses. as researchers and lecturers, she have conducted seminars on industrial design at a number of  prestigious international universities.

Maria Sebregondi

She is currently in charge of the brand equity of Moleskine worldwide; in particular, she manages brand development projects associated with the creation of social networks, offline and online. She has worked as a freelance professional, as consultant on strategic communication and product concept, and has dedicated herself to the Moleskine brand ever since it was created; she has collaborated in various training projects linked to creativity and innovation, aimed at businesses and institutions. Author of socio-anthropological treatises on contemporary mutations and numerous articles for daily papers and magazines, with particular attention to new languages, she has worked with writing in various areas: creative writing, copywriting and communication, treatises and literary translation. She has taught for about ten years at public and private universities (courses on writing and communication, the sociology of fashions and trends, education for creative professionals).

Peter Hobolt Jensen

Peter Hobolt Jensen, currently Director of Digital Business at Moleskine, is Ph.D in Strategic Design Management from Copenhagen Business School and has been speaker at several international events. He has 10 years of leadership experience within digital. He has worked and lived in Denmark, USA, UK and Italy.

Pablo Gonzalez

Pablo Gonzalez has been the Global Digital Creative Director at LEGO for more than a decade. During all these years he has been responsible for the creative direction and the user experience of the LEGO digital portfolio across all platforms and applications. In addition to being a well-respected Creative Director honored with numerous prestigious international awards, Pablo is also a mentor and a professor at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia in Barcelona. Prior to LEGO, Pablo has worked independently in large and small agencies around the world as a digital and product design lead.

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