Unbox the Moleskine gift pack

gift_pack490.JPGBack in September, we asked you to compile a simple form without any futher indication of what it was all about, we gave you the opportunity to start racing with your imagination and put the Moleskine items you like the most inside one of our bags or an empty box.

Each vote of yours helped us in creating four different Moleskine gift packs based on your preferences:

  • Utility gift pack
  • Backpack gift pack
  • Tote gift pack
  • Messenger gift pack

As you may noticed, each content comes with a dedicated pack which resembles the Moleskine legendary notebooks. The Moleskine gift pack are now available on Moleskine Store for: Austria, Czech Republic, France, Greece, Norway, Spain, United Kindgom, Belgium, Finland, Germany, Italy, Slovenia and Sweden.

And now it comes the fun part of it.
Do you ever went through an “unboxing experience” ?

It is the unpacking moment of new products, expecially gifts, and it consists in the surprise and astonishment effect. The whole process is usually captured on video and later uploaded to the Internet.

If you’ll get one of the Moleskine gift packs as a present or have one for you family remember to shoot a video of the unwrapping moment and share it with us on Facebook, on Twitter with the hastag #MoleskineUnbox or share your video on our YouTube and Vimeo channels.

In the meanwhile…

You can start having fun with the M.Gift Box, the MSK template of the Moleskine box!

Download it for free from myMoleskine, print it, cut and paste and you can have fun building the small version of the box that will contain your presents.