What kind of planner are you?

These are a few examples of how someone like you have filled his own Moleskine planner or diary.

It begins from large format planners for people who think in images and need plenty of space for drawing, coloring and pasting to planners used by professionals who prefer neatly arranged notes; from that person who loves tiny writing and can fit everything on a weekly layout to the student who fills his pages with color and clippings; from that person who views a planner as a simple to-do list to be checked off to someone who uses it as a personal diary.

Do you recognize yourself in any of these?

Whether you do or not, discover all the 56 models and enjoy our Flickr gallery here and remember to tell us what kind of planner are you.

Print it in Moleskine MSK format
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2 Responses to What kind of planner are you?

  1. julie says:

    I was eager to see 56 models of planners but nowhere do I see that many. On both the Moleskine site and the Flickr gallery there are about 14 photos of 13 planners only. Where are the remaining 40-some models?? I’d like to see them.

  2. Hello Julie,

    You can take a complete look at those on our Store http://store.moleskine.com



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