Moleskine Paper Caper

Holidays 2011 - 2012 - Paper Caper

Dear Moleskine friends,
it is now a tradition for us to celebrate the coming of the new year with a downloadable present, a paper toy.

This year it’s the Paper Caper. Its original shape resembles a Moleskine paper band.
Through scissors and foldings, you can transform it into a kaleidoscopic game of ever changing faces.

You can use it as a decoration, as a place card, or just as a toy, to train your finger joints and your brain. The Paper Caper is available in different graphic patterns. You can download the first pattern here, in  A4 or US letter sizes, together with the instructions.

For more patterns you can visit the MSK download area. Registration is free and takes 1 minute.

Enjoy the cutting, the folding, and the re-folding.
And enjoy your new 365 daily blank spaces ready to be filled, for a playful 2012.