Four Letter Words.Typography illustrations

Michael Dowell, a London-based designer, for a few months now he has  been filling up a Moleskine sketchbook he won from Creative Review with a self set brief – Illustrate four letter words using typography. The brief was a rather... Read More


Moleskine Words workshop in N.Y. City

We would like to thank everyone who joined us for Moleskine Words workshop at A. I. Friedman in NYC, last week. Many beautiful stories were told and many lovely covers were created with the set of 400 word stamps. Thanks... Read More


Get inspired everyday

              Once a week we’ll propose you videos or images useful for your creation process. On myMoleskine gallery for example you can find any sort of creativity in action, from drawing to sketching crossing... Read More


Notebooks for Antarctica

A hundred years after the first conquest of the South Pole, four young explorers are embarking on a new mission. Their goal is to reach the farthest point in Antarctica in only 60 days. Anna Wakefield, Claire Maritt, Alex Toseland... Read More


What kind of planner are you?

These are a few examples of how someone like you have filled his own Moleskine planner or diary. It begins from large format planners for people who think in images and need plenty of space for drawing, coloring and pasting... Read More


Thank you for your participation

Today marks the last day of our Moleskinerie contest on Designboom. We would like to thank all who have submitted entries and everyone who participated in the conversation around the contest. It was a learning experience for us and we are... Read More


Welcome to the new template

As announced a few months ago, we had a new Moleskinerie template on track. Thanks to Alexander and his submission, we just changed and updated the template. Tell us how do you like... Read More

07/11/2011 speaks Russian

Starting from today speaks Russian! In honor of this special occasion, you can now download free templates designed by the 4 winning Russian authors and displayed during the Moscow Design Week, in the myMoleskine section of Download Bookmarks, “Do... Read More


Dear Moleskinerie

On behalf of our team at Moleskine, I would like to explain how we have been reacting to questions surrounding our contest to design a new logo for this blog. Earlier this month, when we launched the contest – the... Read More


Create the logo of Moleskinerie!

UPDATE – 10-29-2011 Together with Designboom, a leading online magazine, we have organized a contest of the best logo design. You are great designers and we know it. What would you do with a logo for our blog? Using the Moleskinerie... Read More