Hacked Moleskine analog app

Introducing the latest Moleskine hack: the AbracadabrApp! Moleskine Reporter notebooks have been slightly altered to create an analog app which lets you record two-sided videos on your iPhone in just one shot. It also comes with three different coloured handyfilters,... Read More


Moleskine Project 2

Calling all Moleskine fans in the San Francisco area, Starting December 6th the Spoke Art Gallery is putting on a show not to be missed. The first Moleskine project hosted at the Spoke Art gallery as well was a huge... Read More


Moleskine Widget

              Are you a fan of Moleskine and want the latest news or hacks featured on your website or blog? If so we have just the tools for you, News or Community Widget. A... Read More


The Halloween Contest Winners!

Thank you to everyone who participated in our recent Halloween contest. We hope you had fun creating your entries. We are happy to announce the 3 fans that won our Black Page Album – Martin Schwarzinger, Daniele Severo, Javier Navarro.... Read More


This Halloween

Share a fun moment with us by flipping through our Black Page Album. Be warned, there could be more than meets the eye. We are also launching a new contest on our facebook page and would love it if you... Read More


Classic Keepsake

Your photos + Moleskine Photo Album = A classic keepsake for special moments. We created our Photo Album to give another tool to capture those special moments. Our new creative tool online helps you and up to 10 of your... Read More


Draw You, Drawing Me

With Tumblr we recently joined in the 5 year celebration of a user submitted online art gallery called EatSleepDraw. One of our favorite party games is to draw somebody as they draw you. This concept seemed like it would fit... Read More


Where to start?

Often times the first page of a journal takes the longest to complete. We found a great writeup on many inspiring ideas and ways to use a journal. http://rookiemag.com/2012/08/emmas-with-a-few-edits/ Something we believe at Moleskine is that you don’t have to... Read More


Moleskine @ ETC

Balancing analog and digital in life is nothing new but linking them efficiently is. That is why we are very happy to share the news of our new partnership with Evernote and the Evernote Smart Notebook. Productivity enthusiasts and anyone... Read More