Moleskine Portraits Featured Artist: Brian Quinn

moleskine portraitsOn the evening of Monday, January 30th in New York City, Moleskine is hosting a special event – Moleskine Portraits, an evening of interactive portraits-making.
Moleskine Portraits, Monday, January 30th 2012, 6-9pm, Exit Art, New York
Free with RSVP:

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Brian QuinnBrian Quinn – Food and Wine Impresario
– Who are you and what do you do?
I’m an event producer in New York City, basically as a result of many years of producing concerts around the world in the music industry (jazz), and then also starting a wine-based supperclub in 2009 (The Noble Rot) that gained wider recognition and opened a world of food and wine experiences for me. Today, I curate imaginative events for brands and organizations, teach classes on cocktail-making and wine-blending, and am starting to write for several publications, all in the interest of expanding the knowledge of others and myself in the process.

Are Moleskine notebooks a part of your life and creative process? If so, how do you fit them in?
I use Moleskines as a catch-all for ideas, planning, and goals. Their size makes it easy to take them to meetings or keep handy as I am traveling. During my days in the music industry, I would take my notebook to concerts to discretely take notes during an client’s performance, so we could discuss ideas afterwards for improvement. However, now with creative events being my focus, my notebooks end up absorbing a myriad of random ideas and things I need to research, let alone holding business cards and other useful, random papers.

You are presenting a project at Moleskine Portraits in NYC on January 30th…what is it about?
I am curating a wine-sensory table for this event, providing guests the chance to create a map of their palate, so to speak. My project is helping to solve the simple problem that many face when choosing wine: how to establish a personal palate identity and establish a means for documenting one’s tastes, making the prospect of choosing a wine a much more manageable and enjoyable experience. This event will hopefully shed a deeper light on that path for the guest as we taste wine with them and analyze their impressions, establishing cues for future remembrance and noting personal preferences. It’s not hard to drink wine, but few really take the time to really think about what they are drinking. I hope to enrich that experience with this project.

What inspires you?
The science and psychology behind our decisions and what drives us. Whether it be music, food, wine, or any other genre, I love to find the motivating factors that push each discipline forward and how those facets can then be translated on a broader scale, so that others may be inspired by identifying something in that subject that they also see in themselves.

–  Do you prefer plain, ruled, or squared paper?
Plain. I tend to write over the lines, so it’s best to just leave them out … even if I’m the only one that can decipher my writings.