Moleskine Portraits Featured Artist: Daniel Perlin and Dana Karwas – Art, Tech and Sound

moleskine portraitsMoleskine Portraits explores the many ways to capture a portrait using Moleskine objects. Text-portraits, sound-portraits, taste-portraits, photo-portraits, and more.

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Daniel Perlin and Dana Karwas – Art, Tech and Sound

dan and dana–  Who are you and what do you do?
We are are media designers who work across disciplines, creating spaces, objects and experiences. We collaborate regularly, including designing WHAT IS MISSING? with Maya Lin Studios for the Beijing Center for the Arts. We have created spatial and media design for clients such as Esquire, Knoll, Showtime, Acconci Studios, Rem Koolhaas/Sanford Kwinter, and the Whitney Biennial of Art. We both have graduated from and have taught at NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program. Curently, they maintain Perlin Studios and Wika Studio, focus on the convergence of media and interactivity in everyday life.

–   Are Moleskine notebooks a part of your life and creative process? If so, how do you fit them in?
Daniel – Absolutely! Ideas show up and strike at any moment. I have relied on squared pocket notebooks for years, mostly when I am on the road or in meetings.

Dana – Totally. We use a notebooks to get our ideas down fast and sketch.

–  You are presenting a project at Moleskine Portraits in NYC on January 30th…what is it about?
Daniel – We talked about ways of shaping everyday experiences of motion into play. In this case, we a transformed two Moleskine bags into musical instruments

Dana – We were thinking about how the traveller is a kind of performer, and how we could make that performance musical and expressive,  and offer the chance for collaborative or solo performance.

–  If you collaborated with someone on your project, how did your collaboration work?
Daniel – 
It worked rather well, we hope (Laughs). The collaborative process is critical to us, as we both thrive and push our ideas best as a team.

Dana – We both share some duties, especially the design of the experience, though I handled more programming this time, and Daniel was composing the sound a bit more. We tried to make something that we would both enjoy playing.

–  What inspires you?
Daniel – Um, Everything…Particularly listening.

Dana – The people and ideas that are around me.

– Do you prefer plain, ruled, or squared paper?
Daniel – Depends on what we’re making, but I am more of a squared type…

Dana – Plain for me, to sketch ideas.

Moleskine Portraits
Monday, January 30th 2012
Exit Art
New York, NY