Moleskine Portraits Featured Artist: Emilie Baltz – Making Food, Pictures, and Things

emilie baltzOur last artist to profile from our recent Moleskine Portraits event is Emilie Baltz.

Emilie presented the very popular “Faces” project which you can see the results from in our Facebook album here:

Emilie Baltz – Making Food, Pictures, and Things
– Who are you and what do you do?
I am Emilie Baltz. I make things that make people smile. I use a variety of media, mediums and industries as outputs for my work. My interest lies in human expression and consumption. I am obsessed with Junk Food and believe that the relationship between ideals and reality creates a tension that moves culture forward.

– Are Moleskine notebooks a part of your life and creative process? If so, how do you fit them in?
Moleskine notebooks are part of my everyday, every-moment life. I am a furious note-taker/list-maker and ridiculous scribbler.  My Moleskine is half organizational-tool and half dream-making machine.

– You are presenting a project at Moleskine Portraits in NYC on January 30th…what is it about?
I am secretly referring to my project as “Put Your Face In It”, a photo booth experience in which patrons can place their face directly into an extra-large Moleskine notebook. Visitors are invited to draw their own “hair” on the surrounding paper, or choose from a series of illustrated images created by New York City-based illustrator Cully Long.

– If you collaborated with someone on your project, how did your collaboration work?
Cully Long is a NYC-based artist who has a series of Subway Sketches I love. Our collaboration stemmed from a conversation about navigating through the city, the people you encounter and the ability to capture their expressions. My photographic work often revolves around human expressions, and Cully’s work equally focuses on this thematic. We thought that fusing our two mediums in such a way, literally creating a “frame” for expressions, both drawn and photographed, was a natural (and engaging) way to create a unique series of portraits that spoke of the diversity of New York City.

– What inspires you?
I am inspired by truth, laughter and people who allow themselves to fall in love.

– Do you prefer plain, ruled, or squared paper?
Plain, please.

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Moleskine Portraits
Monday, January 30th 2012
Exit Art, New York, NY