Visual Note Taking

Is a picture really worth a thousand words? We wanted to share with you an interesting article on doodling. More companies are using doodling to express complex ideas and get everyone on the same page. Have you tried visual note... Read More


And the winner is…

The latest Author-a-Month is now revealed, Nerderella is the winner! To learn more about the person behind the work, we reached out to her: Could you please tell us something about yourself? My name is Yasmin and I work under... Read More


Moleskinerie Updates

You may have noticed a lack of updates here at Moleskinerie but fear not we have some very exciting updates on the way. We want to thank all of the notebook aficionados who have helped influence this blog for over... Read More


Author a Month is (finally) back!

myMoleskine “Author a month” initiative is back! You can help decide who will be the selected one for March 2012 among the three most active on myMoleskine authors View the artworks here: Martin | Macha | Nerderella Just vote on Moleskine Facebook page for one... Read More