And the winner is…

The latest Author-a-Month is now revealed, Nerderella is the winner! To learn more about the person behind the work, we reached out to her:

Could you please tell us something about yourself?

My name is Yasmin and I work under the name Nerderella, I live in the Netherlands in a house with a garden, my boyfriend and all our toys and gadgets. I’m an illustrator / concept artists by day and a crafster by night. I read a lot of comics, play way too many video games and love cooking and taking pictures.

What inspires you the most during your creation process?

A lot actually; friends, family, conversations I overhear, comics, games even weird stuff I find in second hand stores. I went to Pictoplasma recently and that really inspired me too.

And of course some of my favorite artists: Dave Cooper, Junko Mizuno, Mark Ryden, Jhonen Vasquez, Junji Ito and Robin Keijzer. And for some reaon, reeealy bad movies, I love their corniness. (I advise the Room and Troll 2!).

Which are your sketching tools?

My sketching tool of choice is a Pentel 0.7mm refillable pencil. when I don’t need any sketching done I use Pentel sign pens and fine liners or my recent favourite; the Pentel colour brush. It might not give the perfect even lines I usually use but I really like how it makes my drawings look. It makes them more alive.

Thank you for sharing with us Nerderella!

As we have done with all past winners a custom sleeve and bookmark of the winning artist’s work have been created.

You can find the sleeve or bookmark by logging into myMoleskine and going to our MSK section. Once you are there simply select the workshops section.


Bookmark Sample