Author-a-Month May – Cali Rezo

Hello Moleskine world meet Cali Rezo, our feature artist for the month of May.

Cali is up to some amazing work and we are honored that she is apart of the myMoleskine community. Last month she was one of the most frequent uploaders to myMoleskine and then won our fan poll on Facebook to become our newest Author-a-Month. Upload your work now to be in the running for next month’s spotlight.


Tell us a bit about yourself?

Hello! My name is Cali Rezo. I’m a free-lance artists and I live in Paris, France. I like to draw, paint, sing, take pictures, make things, wire sculptures, puppets, decorate my house, read and listen to music.

When did you first use a Moleskine notebook and what is your favorite style?

I have made collages and drawings for many years and I have used a lot of different sorts of notebooks, including Moleskine’s.
I don’t remember exactly my first Moleskine notebook… But my favorite was the one I used last year:

Cali's favorite notebooks

In my notebooks I draw, glue things, sew, and cut… I try to not restrain my creativity with a single style. It’s more like improvisations according to my mood, events in my life or… the weather.

Tell us about your favorite work that you uploaded to myMoleskine? What is the story behind it?

I like this one:

The left page is a print of one of my latest digital painting with acrylic on the print. On the right page, I mixed a chinese paper found on my street, a map of my home-town and a picture that I took on my grand-parents garden before the big storm in 1999 when trees were still there… I also added a sentence from a book by Eric Chevillard, great writer whom I like very much. He says here, “I’m nostalgic for the time when I was impatient about my future” (sorry for the bad translation!).

Those two pages are telling a story about growing up and leaving things behind me.

Any last parting words for the audience?

Thanks a lot for your time and I hope people will like my future notebooks (:

Thanks for your time and sharing with us Cali!

We have created a bookmark and sleeve in her honor which you can download here:

You can also view more of her great work on her website:


One thought on “Author-a-Month May – Cali Rezo

  1. a great and beautiful artiste

    go fast to her site

    elle a de multiples cordes à son (ses t)alents et mérite qu’on s’y attarde
    allez voir
    vous deviendrez fan

    grâce à Cali j’ai aussi découvert les cahiers moleskine elle les sublime !

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