Social Spotlight: Jose Naranja

We are happy to share with you a feature today about a very creative social media fan, Jose Naranja.

Once or twice a month we will select a fan from the social media space that has interesting work to share with our community.

The format of this feature will be one of brevity. We will challenge our fans to communicate in only a few words. Then at the end the fan will be given space to communicate a message of their choice. We hope you enjoy this format but please feel free to share with us any interesting ideas you might have!

Where do you find your creative spark?
Inside little details.

Vamn Ruta

What inspires you to create?
I find beauty everywhere.

What do you aspire to be?
A lover of the extraordinary.

Additional information:
I find Moleskines are the perfect tool for my work. They can eat everything, from sketching to collages, from smells to vibrations. I love orange and this color is present in every page.
Moleskine notebooks are my teachers too and they reveal their secrets to me when the precise time is right, and not before. I try to repay them with my complete dedication, because they deserved. It’s a relationship about feelings. I can’t imagine a better way to capture my experiences when travelling and I store my completed diaries as one of my most valuable treasures.
Everybody is invited to have a look to my orange world through the visual experience in my blog:

You can also see more of Jose’s work within the Moleskine community here:

myMoleskine Jose Naranja

Thanks for your time Jose!

2 thoughts on “Social Spotlight: Jose Naranja

  1. Wow … your work is so amazing! It is indeed beautiful and extraordinary. I can only imagine the patience, attention to detail and time that must go into lovingly creating just a single page. Only the legendary Moleskine is worthy of capturing and treasuring such a personal collection. I am sure Bruce Chatwin and Company would be impressed! Thank you for sharing.

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