Author a Month – Alena Kudryashova

author a month - alena-kudryashova

After inspiring our Facebook fans, Alena Kudryashova was chosen as our Author-a-Month for June.
We are happy to now present you a little more information about this talented artist.

Tell us a bit about yourself?

I’ve been drawing for about 4 years. I mean, of course I drew when I was a child, everyone does it, and I studied some drawing and painting at the university since I’m an architect, but I don’t consider all this as something. 4 years is the period I’ve been drawing consiously and with pleasure almost every day. 4 years which brought me to where I am now.

What do you see yourself doing in the future?
Now I’m a free-lance artist illustrating my first picture-book. I’m planning to continue drawing and going to get some further education in architecture in addition to what I have got for now.

Do you remember your first Moleskine notebook experience?
I don’t really remember the way it had appeared in my life. It was a watercolour notebook, where I started all the illustration thing. I kept it with me everywhere! I did sketches and even some finished illustrations there. I could say, that the paper there is the best I’ve ever seen in notebooks, it really gave me an additional pleasure when I just started to draw. And such feeling is very important in a beginner’s life. The only wish I’ve got is if it would be portrait-turn, then I’d never ever used another notebooks but moleskine 🙂

Can you share with us the story behind your winning submission?
I called it (Motivation) this way because of it’s inscription and because it was supposed to cheer me up that day. I’ve got an interesting, but quite a difficult and long lasting progect and at one point it seemed to me like it’s not going to be done ever. And this drawing is what I did then. It somehow helped me that day.

Parting words to share with everyone?
Don’t be afraid of good quality tools such as notebooks or whatever even if you just have started to create and not really sure of what you are doing. It’s just going to help you not to fight those mistakes which are not yours but because of the bad paper and so on. Whenever you’ve started to live your art life, you are an artist and you deserve the best. So treat yourself and enjoy the process from the beginning to the end! Thank you for your choice!

We have created a bookmark and sleeve in her honor which you can download here:


4 thoughts on “Author a Month – Alena Kudryashova

  1. Beautiful pictures – it would be great if the same care could be taken with the text in this article which is appallingly mangled and sloppily punctuated. Alena Kudryashova deserves better.

  2. Yeah, Andrew is right. It would be a great idea to correct interviews with non-native speakers. If I’d known it would be placed as it is, I would have asked my friends to check it before sending 🙂 Though it’s not my fault that I’m speaking not perfect English living in Russia… :))

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