Snapshot: Marie Delafon

Marie Delafon

Any website you wish to feature? Do you have a blog or place you post your work?
I am a french artist based in Paris. I had a website I closed, and redirected to my blog Actually I am trying to build the new one on Cargo Collective. There’ll will images, blog, thumblr and web shop. On my blog I am not posting that much, some pieces of my work, view through the window, little installations in my working place…I draw, I take pictures or I scann, I re-work images, I change scale, some are printed and put in little installations in front of my working table, to inspire me.

You mentioned you use 5 notebooks, this is very interesting! Which is your favorite style and why?
marie-delafon_notebooksI use 4 or 5 notebooks, because I take notes by writing and drawing. Also I let my mind free to full them. I am afraid to forgot things to do, ideas, dreams, so I don’t go out without 3 of them:
1-classic Pocket plain sketchbook (hard cover). It is red. drawing, pattern etc.
2-classic hard cover large sketchbook (usually it stays in my working place). drawing gouache; collage
3-Classic large soft cover ruled notebook. anything to remember, to do list, meetings etc.
4-classic large soft cover weekly planner. Usefull and full ! even if i use I Cal.
5- a small thin one for extra project: website etc. it stay near by my PC place in the studio.

How do you currently use all the notebooks and why?
I like the classic style, and mostly the heavyweight paper to draw and support pencils, and gouache.
I use them in the studio, but take them to my home in the evening,and for holidays, it is like a small portable studio! Even if I don’t use them, I know it is nearby ! The placebo effect !

Where is your ideal location to take a notebook? If you had to just list one dream place where you could have a whole day to yourself to write in your notebook, where would this place be?
I can work and create anywhere: using note and sketchbooks, camera, computer. The good place is a quiet one. A garden, or inside with the window open, or inside near by a fire place ! even on holidays my kids know that it is personnal. But they ask to look inside, and they go on my blog to check ! They also have many notebooks ! They know the rule: first step to create is the HAND. Computer comes after. Whatever you draw or note, it stays in you visual and mental library.

What do you want to tell the world?
Tell the world ? Humm, Play ! Use all you senses for that. Well, it is what the world tells me !

Where will you and your notebooks be in 5 years?
In 5 years. I wish I could find the time and the energy to make some of my projects come out of the notebooks and the studio: images, books, prints, products, pictures, movies ! Who knows ?