Author-A-Month July – Éva Szentgyörgyi

We are proud to share with everyone the newest author-a-month fan selection, Eva Szentgyorgyi. She had one of the most liked Facebook posts ever on our fan page, now you can learn more about her.


Your Moleskine Faces – Details that we posted on Facebook was very popular, can you share about what the piece means to you and what was going on in your mind as you created it?

ES – Honestly it started with a symmetric face of Buddha, but it didn’t look so good as I thought at first. I used many paints to hide the face and shut the book again. After only the eyes of Buddha have remained, and a butterfly shape formed in the middle. I can’t tell why or how I got the idea to cut it round, maybe because I like to use more than one material or intervene with something different into my artworks to amaze the people. It is an experimental work, I just let my mind flow.

My submission will always reminds me that I would like to continue 3-D projects, and it inspires me to think about more possibilities.

What does using a Moleskine notebook mean to you?

ES – My first and only Moleskine notebook means a lot to me, because it is a birthday present from one of my best friends. I always wanted to buy one but when I got it finally, I was scared. I was afraid that I won’t be able to make enough good artwork. So I put it away for 1 year and then it has turned up on the occasion of  moving. After some days I took courage and painted a study on the first pages.

How does creating on a notebook help you as an artist?

ES – Moleskine notebooks have a very good quality of paper and it means a new media for me. I could find out that what happen if I mix the watercolor with acryl paint. The result is beautiful, because on that surface these kind of materials act different than on a traditional paper. The second thing is that I can close it, so I can play with the symmetry more easily than if I paint one page then shut the book for some seconds. So, I can tell that Moleskine has opened a new way to express myself.

What project are you working on now?

ES – Presently I am working on a chinese zodiacs illustration series, it is a self project to improve my skills and become absorbed in the digital media. Next to the fine arts I am interested in graphic design, so I am spending many hours in front the computer learning to use illustrator software.

Any parting words for fellow Moleskine fans?

ES – Hmm… create create create! Let your mind or let your Moleskine guide you to do something good, interesting. At last thank you so much for reading this interview, and took your time to know me a bit. Thank you so much!

Moleskine – Thank you very much for your time and being part of our community! As always we have created a bookmark and sleeve in her honor.

You can see more of Eva’s uploads to myMoleskine here.

Also you can view her blog here.

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