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Balancing analog and digital in life is nothing new but linking them efficiently is. That is why we are very happy to share the news of our new partnership with Evernote and the Evernote Smart Notebook.

Productivity enthusiasts and anyone who enjoys the feel of paper have always been faced with a difficult choice of balancing analog and digital. We learned a lot from releasing our first app but the biggest request we heard was to add Evernote. This new partnership has created a notebook that is perfect to create on with amazing technology supporting it on the back-end. Going through old notes can be a serendipitous experience; but for the times you want to find a certain note right away, this manual process can slow you down. The new Smart Notebook eliminates that issue.

Creating a great user experience during this analog to digital process was a major concern for everyone involved on this project. This lead to the creation of smart stickers that help tag and organize your notes automatically for you. Evernote also added a new feature to their camera where snap notes (images) then review all your photos at once. This will help you save time from having to review each note separately. If this new work flow is something you adapt and love, we are also giving you 3 months Evernote Premium with each notebook you buy.

The news announced recently at the annual Evernote conference. Keeping this project secret was very hard for all of us. We want to share some pictures with you to help capture what the conference was like to attend.

We also captured the exact moment this news broke. We hope you enjoy the talk!

Print it in Moleskine MSK format
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2 Responses to Moleskine @ ETC

  1. rob says:

    when do the android pole get to play with this?

  2. Evernote can answer that better but I was told they are working on it now!

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