Moleskine Project 2

Calling all Moleskine fans in the San Francisco area, Starting December 6th the Spoke Art Gallery is putting on a show not to be missed.

The first Moleskine project hosted at the Spoke Art gallery as well was a huge success and it only takes one look at some of these images to see why:

The first show was all about Rod Luff and his Moleskine notebooks. He cut out his pages and exhibited them. This time though over 50 other artists from around the world will be joining him.

We thought you might enjoy to learn more about Rod and to see a few previews of the work that will be exhibited.

Rod Luff Q&A
Hi Rod, can share some info about yourself?
I’m a 25 year old artist living in Sydney, Australia. I’ve been using the Moleskine sketchbooks for about 3-4 years now.

What made you start using Moleskine notebooks?
In 2009, I took a few notebooks into galleries in Europe to study master paintings. I learned a lot.  I think It’s important to study art in galleries because of the process of discovery and learning through observational drawing.  Whether it’s the way the artist designed the composition, or how they painted a difficult area, it made me realize the masterful level of skill and effort poured into every aspect of their art. It was very humbling and inspiring, I spent many days there.

What keeps you busy now?
All of  my exhibitions and art related work because it’s something I love doing. I try to spend as much time as possible drawing, and then handling emails, social networks and organizing shows. I recently tried curating which I loved doing, despite it being an extra job on top of everything else. I also did a teaching residency this year which was a lot of fun, getting to talk and interact with people. When I’m not busy with work then I usually try to find time to spend with friends and especially outdoors in nature, and I tried skydiving for the first time in my holiday break this year.

What are your hopes for this show?
Since most artists carry sketchbooks it instantly creates something to relate to each other with. If we can expand people’s idea of what a sketchbook is, what’s possible with different media, I would be really stoked. Hopefully people get inspired to make more of their own.
It’s also great chance to share the art of people who have inspired me for years. Coming from the other side of the planet, it was unexpected that many artists were kind enough to let me crash on their couches and help me out, since we knew each other from the
internet. The support was probably the best surprise and really made it worthwhile for someone who could barely afford the ticket, let alone hotels and hostels

For more information on the show please check out this link: