Author A Month – Ritusko Miyake

With the fan vote in,  Ritusko Miyake has been selected as our current Author A Month.


What is the story behind your winning “The Blossom Princess” upload:
“Blossom” (cherry blossom) in the title means Sakura. The motif of the painting is a goddess who appears in Japanese mythology, goddess dwells in cherry trees in full bloom. In April of last year when I saw the cherry blossoms in full glory with the light of the full moon, I could not help but express something that impressed me.

What keeps you busy during the week?
I work for a construction company and do not have time during the weekdays to sketch. I find time to draw on weekends and holidays.


When was your Moleskine notebook experience?
The first time was two years ago when I saw a Cover Art Journal in the stationery store.
I purchased a notebook to challenge myself and have my work on featured on a future Cover Art Journal.

Where else can your work be found?
In fact I participated in a group exhibition in Japan, using Moleskine paper for the exhibition. All are welcome to come and visit the gallery!

For more information:
Square Graphic art exhibition vol.11
1.29 – 2.2
Tokyo, Japan

Ritusko’s website:

Thanks for sharing Ritusko! If you enjoy her work just reach the MSK Templates section here and download the files for free.