An Author A Month – Lex Wilson

Thank you to everyone who took time to help decide the Author A Month for February, our newest Author A Month won by a single vote. That author? Lex Wilson.


From the myMoleskine community, meet Lex:
Can you share a bit of your background with us?
Lex – I currently work as a graphic designer, in purely digital medium. But I love to hold a real pen in my hand and draw onto real paper. When I was a kid there were only drawing pads, no computers, and no ‘undo buttons’! So I guess drawing freehand onto paper adds some jeopardy, you have to work with your mistakes, it reminds me of being young and that makes it more exciting and personal. That’s what I love.

What was your first experience with a Moleskine notebook?
Lex – The first time I heard of Moleskine was when I needed a piece of paper to draw on and a friend of mine tore a piece from his book. The paper was amazing…. I’d never drawn on anything like it. He told me it was a Moleskine and I bought one. I’ve been buying them ever since!

Why did you join the myMoleskine community?
Lex – I joined myMoleskine because I wanted to connect with other artists and find more inspiration – just be a part of a larger community of people who do lots of different things with a similar medium and who have a common passion. There’s some incredible works of art and talented people in the community and it’s an endless source of inspiration.

Lex Wilson

What is the story of your winning upload ? (Live Live The Audio Cassette)
Lex – ‘Long Live The Audio Cassette’ came about one night when some friends and I were reminiscing about when we used to buy tape packs – 6 audio cassettes in a box – and how although they could be ruined just by a twist in the tape film, or crushed under the weight of a clumsy foot, and needed to be rewound and fast forwarded to find a song, they were still excellent things. I guess we all realised we’d got to a certain age, and a piece of technology had come and gone before our very eyes. I still have some of those old cassette packs. But no tape-deck to play them!

With a parting note, if your Moleskine notebook could talk, what would it say?
Lex – “Oi! Life is a prism….get some colour in your life!!”

If you like the Bookmark or Sleeve you see in this post, you can download them for free from our website by visiting MyMoleskine – MSK Addons – Templates section. We are looking for somebody to feature for next month so make sure to upload to myMoleskine before the end of the month.

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