Freeze Frame – Maykel Nunes

The myMoleskine community is made great with contributions of not just images but also videos, notebook hacks and MSK creations. Maykel Nunes is one person who has caught our eye recently with a series of video uploads. We wanted to see what Maykel was up to and to learn more about the story behind his video creations. We hope you enjoy the following video & Q&A with Maykel.

Moleskine – Can you share a bit about yourself?
Maykel Nunes – I’m a Brazilian graphic designer and illustrator in love with all kind of visual arts. Since childhood I’ve always liked to create, from simple drawings in the corners of the notebooks to the imaginary worlds I built with Lego bricks. I believe I was born with this creative spirit, I have in my family my grandfather and my father that, in different areas, also always worked creating stuff and I opted to use this talent in design and illustrations.

M – Can you explain the importance of tracing in your sketch first, before you start the video?
MN – Yes, I make a rough trace with pencil first, by this way I can study better the position of each object and try different compositions, and also usually I don’t have time to complete an entire page at once. Some doodles can take days to be completed, it depends on the inspiration. That’s why on the videos I show only the ink part, because at this stage the process is faster and easier to capture. The idea of making videos came because many people who followed me on flickr and twitter asked to show how the drawings were made, and the return is very rewarding. It’s nice to see a lot of people saying they bought a Moleskine notebook and started drawing after knowing my work. That is priceless.

M – What does this video series you are sharing mean to you?
MN – First was the desire to draw without compromise as I said previously. And also to create a personal challenge to do some scribblings every day, I confess that there are days that I can’t do that due to the demands of other jobs, but always when I have an idea of a theme or object, I open my moleskine and do a quick rough or just write the idea. I think the main intent is to force me to always be creating, always feeding and exercising the mind.

Thank you to Maykel for the time and story about his video series Moleskine Daily. If you would like to see more videos or add your own just head over to myMoleskine video section.