Fan Hack – Moleskine Case

We are always happy to support fan hacks and the creativity that goes into transforming an open platform that is a notebook into something new. If you have ever wondered what goes into making a great hack, the video below is a great guide to learn from.

We reached out to Ngai Chun Cheung, who made the video, for background on why he made this hack.

Cheung – I got in particular this pocket sized Moleskine notebook in plain years ago, but just made a couple of sketches and put it away. It was sitting in the shelf and waiting to be rediscovered. The sturdy hard cover invited itself to be a part of a decent DIY case. I made the video because “a picture is worth a thousand words”, I then recorded the transformation of a dusty notebook to a versatile modern case without losing its classic Moleskine design and then shared the result on YouTube.

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