Photo Book Profile – Adel Chan

Our weekly Moleskine + Milk Photo Book Profile series is featuring Adel Chan, a former IT consultant turned Photographer in Hong Kong. We loved the diversity in the images she captured and how she was able to visualize a year in her life with taking a different image every day.

“Photography unlocked my creativity and lets my imagination go wild” - Adel Chan

We reached out to Adel to find out what inspired her to put together this Photo Book.

A Photo-Thought-A-Day - Adel Chan

Adel – Photography is my getaway. Whenever I take pictures, I see the world differently and it always surprises me. My book is all about sharing a thought, a picture a day. It began when I started working away from home in Tokyo, and I started posting photos so my friends knew how I was doing in Japan. After an entire year, with 365 pictures in a row, I was looking for a way to showcase and present them as part of my photography portfolio. Moleskine + MILK really provided a high quality, user friendly and affordable solution for me. I was so touched when I saw my first Moleskine + MILK book arrived, amazing! Please take a look at my 365 Project book and see the world with me

A Photo-Thought-A-Day - Adel Chan

If you are looking for a way to showcase your photography portfolio, Milk’s digital platform is a great tool for making and sharing your own Photo Book: Moleskine Photo Books.