Photo Book Profile – Nate Larson

Analog and digital is a never ending continuum to how we live life. We at Moleskine are always looking for new and exciting ways to play along that continuum and as you may have recently seen we partnered with Milk to help further that cause by creating our print on demand Photo Books. We have been amazed at some of the ways people have used this new platform to create some truly stunning Photo Books. That is why today we are announcing the launch of a new series where we will give you access to look inside  incredible collections of images.

Nate Larson - Clouds Moleskine

To kick the series off we have selected Nate Larson. We reached out to Nate to learn about his background and what inspired his Cloud Hunter Photo Book.

I spent my early years in the Rocky Mountains of the Western US and now live in the woodlands of Vermont. I grew up in wide open landscapes that made be believe anything was possible and I think that sense of space and place still finds its way into how I see the world today.  I graduated from the University of Chicago (where I met Moleskine) with a degree in Cultural Anthropology and spent the next few years living in urban areas like Chicago and New York City.  Over time, my work expanded to include portraits, abstracts, and conceptual projects. However, my first passion remains finding inspiration and interesting ways to represent both the expansive and more intimate views of the natural world.

Nate Larson - Clouds Moleskine

What Inspired you to make this Photo Book?
I had been searching for a unique way to present the Cloud Hunter series for months and when I learned about the partnership between Moleskine and MILK, I knew I had found a home.  The ability to utilize the printing technology and clean presentations designed by MILK paired with the quality of a Moleskine book made Cloud Hunter feel like a journal that inspired exploration.  I even add a special print to the back pocket of the book for people to discover and enjoy. I have even heard from some of the owners of this limited edition work that they have started adding their own cloud photos to the pocket in the book.  I could not think of a better extension of this creative project than encouraging exploration.

If you enjoyed Nate’s book and would like to see what he is currently up to, please check out his website:

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Next week we will be profiling a book that captures the celebration of food… stay tuned!