Special Edition WordPress 10th Anniversary Notebooks

“The mind needs both analog and digital spaces to play and create, and we see those two spaces working harmoniously for a long time to come. We hope people take the blank pages of these WordPress 10th Anniversary Moleskine notebooks and use them to create big and small ideas, to nurture stories and news, and then publish their words to the world via their WordPress sites.”- Matt Mullenweg, co-founder of WordPress.

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Just like Moleskine objects, WordPress is an open platform for creativity and communication. In that spirit we at Moleskine are proud of the open platform that is Moleskinerie, as a place for all Moleskine fans to come together and share. On this blog you will find a long history of fan sharing their work, advice, hacks and personal stories. The community is what makes Moleskinerie great. Join us and share with myMoleskine or send us an email at moleskinerie@moleskine.com. We look forward to seeing what you will share next.