2013 – Half Full or Empty?

We are in the middle of 2013 and wanted to check in with our readers, how has your year gone so far?

We hope everything is going to plan but if not, we are happy to provide a few ideas to help guide you to a more fulfilling finish this year. Below are free templates that you can download from our website and insert into your planner or notebook.

Start Over – There are still 6 months left to change how your year is going. Try our New Years Resolution template.








Change Perspective – Sometimes it’s all about how you look at things. Download a template that changes your view point, go from horizontal to vertical etc.








Keep Track – If lofty goals have prevented you from taking action this year, start smaller. Record some of your favorite things that you already do, in this case books. Have you read anything good this year?








Join In – The Moleskine community creates new templates everyday, such as this template for how to optimize your daily routine.

DAILY ROUTINE - Contributed by Stephanie Hill







What do you want to change or get done by the end of the year? Make a commitment by sharing that in the comments below and let’s check back in 6 months!