Photo Book Profile – Easten Law

What makes a community unique?
That is a topic that Inspirations by Easten Law explores in our Photo Book profile of the week.

Easten – My wife, Christine, and I made the book based on our travels and work. I am an instructor in intercultural communication studies at American University’s School of International Service in DC and have previously taught in China. Christine is a development worker who has worked with Mercy Corps, Red Cross, and World Vision. Together, we have a lot of extensive travel experience in Asia for both work and leisure. The photos are from these experiences.

Easten – We have a passion for community organizing and development with special attention to cultural dynamics that make communities unique. We believe that good organizing and development requires research, education, and collaboration with the people of the community. Our hope is that the photos reveal this assumption, both in their framing of culture, people, and story.

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