Moleskine Author A Month May – Lucas Anderson

We are proud to present to you the May Author A Month – Lucas Anderson. As with all previous winners, Lucas was selected by our fans. If you would like to be considered for the next Author A Month profile, simply start sharing your work in myMoleskine and you have the opportunity to be selected as a finalists next month.

 How do you use your notebook?
Lucas – I have always considered my sketchbooks a journal of sorts, the place where I
can sketch ideas, concepts, express emotions, and the like. It’s a
brainstorming session I can carry around with me, keep, and often reference
back to when ye old rut sets it. I look to create the things that I feel but do
not have form, to give image to these emotions and passions around me.

What does creating on a Moleskine notebook mean to
Lucas – I am a sketchbook junkie, I have had just about every sketchbook imaginable
over the years. One of the biggest things about the Moleskine books I enjoy is
the paper in the Folio sketchbooks; the heavier stock, slight off-white color
really works as a neutral tone where I can start my ideas, and is hearty enough
to take repeated erasing and wet media… I tend to be “active” a lot
in my work, so this is a good thing. I don’t think my habits have changed so
much as that I have found a book that can tolerate my styles.

Where is your favorite spot to sketch?
Lucas – I don’t think that location really matters. Sometimes I can be sitting in a
crowded bar and be content to draw, other times I need silence so I retreat
from the world… usually it’s just at my drawing table with a glass of wine.

A parting quote to share with everyone?
Lucas –You may think Vincent Van Gogh was a bum for spending so much time
painting and drinking absinthe in bars when he never had any money; for scrounging
off his brother Theo who would lend Vincent money and/or send Vincent the
paints and canvases that Vincent couldn’t afford. But Van Gogh wasn’t a
slacker. He was the opposite; he was an insanely dedicated artist. If he had
had to go to “work” every day eight hours a day and couldn’t paint all the time
I think he would have lost his mind a lot sooner.” – Juliana Hatfield

Thanks for sharing with us Lucas!

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