Photo Book Profile – Stephanie Simpson

What inspires you when you travel?

For one food blogger a recent trip to Italy helped expand her focus outside the scope of food. That blogger is Stephanie Simpson and our weekly Photo Book Profile is on her Photo Book – Plates and Planes.

Stephanie is a Photographer and Research Assistant from Alberta, Canada. Her Photo Book is a wonderful combination of beautiful  landscapes and recipes she shared on her blog during her time in Italy.

Enjoy a few select images from her Photo Book and learn what inspired her to create Plates and Planes

Stephanie – I’ve been interested in food for as long as I’ve been interested in photography, and so it only made sense to combine the two. I share my photos on my food blog, where I use them to help make cooking accessible to people who don’t have a lot of experience in the kitchen. I spent a few months of last year in Italy, and the photo book I created using Moleskine+MILK includes a handful of Italian recipes I shared on my site while I was there”.


Stephanie – I think there’s something really exciting about capturing beauty in the ordinary. Spending time in Italy, where everyday life takes place against the backdrop of incredible architecture and landscapes was a great way to start exploring that idea outside the scope of food. It’ll be fun to bring that sensibility to new places! In my research work, I come into contact with some pretty cool ideas about how people think about food and the environment. I hope to draw from those ideas to create photos that will impact the choices people make about what they eat”.


Discover all of the sites and recipes in Stephanie’s Photo Book here.
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