Photo Book Profile – Jore and Carol

Another week, another incredible trip to share with you in our weekly Photo Book series. This week we bring two best friends from Singapore, Jore and Carol with their La Dolce Vita Moleskine Photo Book.

Jore & Carol – “We aim to always tell a story with our photos, it’s how we can share our experiences with our family and friends. We hope that when people see our photos, they see and feel what we experienced too.”

Photo Book Profile – Jore and Carol

Jore & Carol – “We love to travel, leave our foot prints to as many places we can in the
world. We currently live in Singapore, it’s really easier to move around from
here since it’s an airline hub”

Photo Book Profile – Jore and Carol

Jore & Carol –  “Wanderlust gives glitter in our eyes. When we travel, we don’t like to plan too much, we prefer to experience cities as locals do. We love trying local cheese, food and wine that originated from that country or place.”

Photo Book Profile – Jore and Carol

If you would like to see more adventures from Jore and Carol you can check out their blog:

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What do you like to do when you travel?

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