Photo Book Profile – Rosanne van Cruyningen

Rosanne is a freelance journalist/photographer/writer, who divides her time between Holland (country of origin) and Italy, where she runs Bed and Breakfast Casa Capanni near Cortona, Tuscany together with family and friends. “I’m so glad to have discovered the beautiful... Read More


Photo Book Profile – Jesper Ståhl

Jesper is a product and graphic designer from Sweden, running his design consultancy Jesper Design for local and international brands. “I work in mixed media, using both traditional sketching by hand, model-making, photography and high end 3D modeling and visualization.... Read More


Photo Book Profile – John Waire

This week we are featuring A trip to New York City, a Moleskine Photo Book created by John Waire, a documentary photographer in Baltimore, MD, US. “My beautiful wife Sara encouraged me to pursue my passion for image making in 2007. ... Read More


Photo Book Profile – Sandip Koodali

Sandip Koodali is a writer and advertising creative based in Singapore. “I am very curious about the world in general and that pushes me to travel and to photograph. I am interested in universal emotions and even when I photograph... Read More


What would you do with your AbracadabrApp?

To celebrate the arrival of the AbracadabrApp image mixing analog app and notebook on the Moleskine Store, we are giving away 5 copies. Shoot two-sided videos in one single shot, give your frames a coloured tint with the physical filters…... Read More


Photo Book Profile – Donna Anel

This week we are featuring “Miracles” a Photo Book created by Donna Anel, a Doctor/Mom from Seattle. Donna – “I made the photo book as a present for my husband Ramon for his birthday.  We are both doctors (although I have... Read More