Photo Book Profile – Donna Anel

This week we are featuring “Miracles” a Photo Book created by Donna Anel, a Doctor/Mom from Seattle.

Donna – “I made the photo book as a present for my husband Ramon for his birthday.  We are both doctors (although I have taken a pause from practicing medicine to be a mom) but we try to do something creative with our free time. ”

“What inspires us is a little different.  He enjoys pictures, images, portraits.  I, on the other hand, enjoy books, writing, and words.  So, I thought, maybe a high-quality photo book could marry images and words together and nicely showcase how amazing I think his photographs are. We live in the Seattle/Tacoma area here in the beautiful Pacific Northwest of the US and it is a photographer’s paradise.  In this photo book, more than half of the pictures are taken just literally in our backyard. We are blessed with this accessible magnificence of all things awe-inspiring, big and small, that inspire us every day.”

If you would like to see more images click here.

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