Photo Book Profile – Jesper Ståhl

Jesper is a product and graphic designer from Sweden, running his design consultancy Jesper Design for local and international brands.

Jesper Stahl – Moleskine Photo Book
Jesper Stahl – Moleskine Photo Book

“I work in mixed media, using both traditional sketching by hand, model-making, photography and high end 3D modeling and visualization. The essence of my work is creative problem solving – by design, so finding Moleskine Photo books was a perfect match for my to create a physical and digital portfolio of a selection of my work and work process. The photos used in this Portfolio is partly done by my own hand but also the works of professional photographers such as my friends Örjan Henriksson, Sam Sylvén, Pelle Wahlgren and Petra Bindel.

Jesper Ståhl – Moleskine Photo Book
Jesper Ståhl – Moleskine Photo Book

What inspires my work and me is observing people and how they use products and interfaces. The most obvious solution to a problem can quite often be right in front of your eyes. What inspires me visually is architecture – design on a grand scale and the unique creativity of nature. What drives my work is curiosity and the joy of combining craftsmanship, lateral thinking and building strong and unique brands.”

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