Photo Book Profile – John Waire

This week we are featuring A trip to New York City, a Moleskine Photo Book created by John Waire, a documentary photographer in Baltimore, MD, US.

“My beautiful wife Sara encouraged me to pursue my passion for image making in 2007.  After our first child Mady was born, I realised how much I enjoyed documenting life. When our son Liam came along, fatigue followed close by. It was in those exhausted moments that I began to throttle back and observe the every day moments that we take for granted…and realised how important they were. The simple things. A look. A smile. A first. An interaction. A moment, special to me as a dad and husband.  It’s a lens that others share and I think that’s why my images are able to resonate.

Our latest trip to Brooklyn was extra special. We visited family and exposed the kids to New York City for the first time. While editing the photos, I knew that I needed to find a home for these memories outside of the digital space – a cool, tangible reminder that I could reach for whenever I wanted. I’m so glad to have found the Moleskine + MILK Photo Books to hold on to our NYC City trip memories forever.”

If you would like to see more images click here.

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