Photo Book Profile – Rosanne van Cruyningen

Rosanne is a freelance journalist/photographer/writer, who divides her time between Holland (country of origin) and Italy, where she runs Bed and Breakfast Casa Capanni near Cortona, Tuscany together with family and friends.

“I’m so glad to have discovered the beautiful Moleskine photo books, having always been a great fan of Moleskine notebooks!

My first love has always been writing, but I have also always enjoyed taking photographs, so it is wonderful to be able to combine the two as a journalist as well as my work for the B&B.

Life inspires me, I love portrait photography most of all, I think, but it is also a delight to be able to capture the beauty of the Tuscan towns and landscape thanks to living there for half of the year. The house where we live, the B&B, is also an inspiration, there’s always something that catches my eye. This book of photos is just a selection from my archive, which will keep on growing!’”

If you would like to see more images click here.

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