Photo Book Profile – Sandip Koodali

Sandip Koodali is a writer and advertising creative based in Singapore.

Sandip Koodali - Moleskine Photo Book
Sandip Koodali - Moleskine Photo Book

“I am very curious about the world in general and that pushes me to travel and to photograph. I am interested in universal emotions and even when I photograph the exotic I am attracted more by what is ordinary in them.

This book is a personal journey as it features photographs taken in my ancestral home in Kerala, India where my family still conducts an annual ritual – Theyyam. This is a complex ceremony that spans two nights of ritual performances and worship. The makeup that the characters wear is all natural and made from plant dyes and extracts at the site itself as are much of the clothing and headgear. It is an emotional experience for me to attend as I feel a connection with my past that goes back many centuries and I think I am privileged to have that intact even now.

But I think the connection with the past is something every one of us shares – through history, ethnicity, family, nation, culture and more than anything humanity. It has the immense possibility of enriching every one of us if we choose to tap into it.”

Sandip Koodali - Moleskine Photo Book
Sandip Koodali - Moleskine Photo Book

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Sandip has also created another Moleskine photo book about his travels to Naoshima, Japan called Stillness and Silence:

“This is a collection of quieter photographs from a trip to Naoshima Island in central Japan.”

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