What would you do with your AbracadabrApp?

To celebrate the arrival of the AbracadabrApp image mixing analog app and notebook on the Moleskine Store, we are giving away 5 copies.


Shoot two-sided videos in one single shot, give your frames a coloured tint with the physical filters… and use it as a notebook too. For your chance to own this unique piece of equipment and make like a true urban nomad, tell us what you would do with your AbracadabrApp by posting in the comments below. The designers of the hack will choose five responses to send an AbracadabrApp to.


You can enter with words, images, videos or links: just make sure to check back here on Tuesday 30th July when the winner will be announced.


You have until Friday 26th July to submit your idea. Good luck!

14 thoughts on “What would you do with your AbracadabrApp?

  1. I am known within my circle of event and tradeshow industry associates as gadget girl…..and have mad love for Moleskine as I work in the creative/design field in SF, CA. This app is fantastic and I can’t wait to explore the creative opportunities.
    On Saturday’s I shoot for a local jewelers Facebook page. I spend every Saturday watching the interaction of handing over custom wedding bands….and this would be absolutely perfect to capture the transition from jeweler to customer- who is always smiling the biggest smile and next to their future husband/bride. The jeweler is also beaming with pride having made someones day. Don’t you want to see what that looks like? Both interactions? Amazing.

  2. I’d use it to document my adventures in Seattle in the fall … and to capture the experience of living in big city for the first time!

  3. I would go on a mission of finding twins and document them using this. creating a series of artwork of surreal mirrored images.

  4. This is such a great idea! I I Love the Moleskine with the iPhone support & mirror.
    I would make a video with sequences, landscape, mirror view, on a plane cabin, flying, on any transportation vehicle. Walking, on the beach. Thank you & congrats Moleskine !

  5. I think I would use it to include myself in pictures I take of my daughter as she grows up. Sometimes it seems like one person is absent when they are the photographer, and it would be awesome to include my reaction to things like my daughter’s first haircut or or family vacations.

  6. What a unique and innovative product! I haven’t seen anything like it. I’d share it with the Midwest as I’m visiting cities and family members in Cincinnati, Chicago, Columbus, Cleveland, and Indianapolis this summer. We’re a little spread out geographically, so a great way to capture those precious moments together. 🙂

  7. I don’t have a phone with cam, but I want this analogic app just for make photos like a digital, random and bored photographs made by phone. And with this app is not easy to make photo of food, it is great!

  8. What a unique and innovative product! I’ve never seen anything like it. I would use it when traveling the Midwest: Chicago, Indianapolis, Columbus, Cincinnati, Cleveland, etc. my friends and family are spread out so what a great way to capture those precious moments together!

  9. As an architecture student (on vacation), with a strong interest in photography…this abracadabrapp+notebook would enable me to visit niche sites/less travelled areas to capture my feelings towards what I’m seeing as well as bring along some friends to enjoy the break before school resumes. I was thinking…the park, Miami Beach (and the upcoming Civic Center by BIG), and the upcoming road trip to New York (24 hour drive–I’m going to need some colorful entertainment) I’d definitely take advantage of the filters, especially with the summer—so much sun! Oh man…so excited already 😉

  10. Cinematography and Architecture are both a passion of mine- so much so that I’m on the journey of making the latter my career. What I would love using this app and notebook for is architecture and its context. Often it is difficult, in a quick single shot, to represent how a building relates simultaneously to surrounding buildings, how a space is used by people, or how it acts as a visual terminus- but having a two-sided video in a single shot would be an excellent tool to do all of the above – and I’m sure more. Would be an excellent addition to my design toolkit!

  11. Love this idea, especially the mirror and color filters. We’d get a kick out of experimenting with the AbracadabrApp to add interesting elements and colors to our photos as we travel the world!

  12. I’m constantly taking pictures & videos of my family, but I’m almost never in any of them because no one else bothers to take any. So, I’d use this to be in those photos and for my landscape photography. I wish I was less tired. It’s so unique, I know there are dozens of things I could think up.

  13. I think this notebook would be great for interviews with people. You could see the interviewer and interviewee in one frame and see reactions to questions and answers. This would be helpful especially if you only had the phone for videoing and you had no one else to hold the camera/phone while you conduct the interview.
    I would be interested to see if this set up works with my galaxy s2 phone as well!

  14. What an interesting little tool. Perfect for capturing images of a photographer (and their quarry) in their natural environment. Also, I’m thinking it could be used by a writer to make selfies while working on that next manuscript. Hmm perhaps entrap curious types when I’m out in public….. So many possibilities!

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