Behind the Hack – Ken-Garcia Olaes

What has been the biggest surprise you found in a notebook? See how one fan’s life changed from exchanging sketchbooks.

Every day we are amazed at all the creative ways our fans fill the pages of their notebooks. Ken-Garcia Olaes is one such fan who uploaded an image to our Hacks section on myMoleskine that caught our eye. To learn more about the story behind his hack, we reached out to him.

Ken-Garcia Olaes









What made you think to use a notebook to purpose?
Ken-Garica – We met online sharing artwork on Myspace.  She lived in California and I lived in Virginia.  We exchanged messages and emails complimenting each other’s artwork.  This communication developed and became a nice, simple relationship.  We soon started chatting on Skype and would spend nights having coffee and sketching in front of our computers.  It was our date nights that we spent in our Moleskine notebooks. When we finally decided to meet in person, we then realized we can do this the rest of our lives. After she flew back home I decided to propose to her the next time I see her.

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What went into the hack?
Ken-Garica – What I did was start cutting little square in the middle of pages that were about the size of the actual ring box where the ring lays.  On the furthest page I took the cloth inside of the ring box and folded it to so I could tuck the ring inside of it, like a small pocket. With clean masking tape, I lined it behind the square hole holding up the cloth.  I put the bookmark where I’d like her to open it.  Her opening it gave me time to get on my knee and watch her.  This happened at an empty Starbucks.


  • exacto knife
  • ring box’s velour cloth
  • ring
Ken-Garcia Olaes








Was there a special reason why you were at Starbucks?
Ken-Garica – While on Skype we’d draw while listening to podcasts or music, then we’d
show each other what we drew.  Usually we draw each other.  So I thought the next time I fly to see her and have a Starbucks date in person that we can sketch, have coffee and trade books again.  But this time there’ll be a surprise inside the book for her and I’ll be on my knee already when she looks up. At this time we’ve dated online for 9 months and met in person once. The next time we met, I followed my plans.  She said yes.  We got married 3 months later.

Karina and I have been married for 3 years. We own a house together and have a son named Michelangelo.

Ken-Garcia Olaes








Thanks for sharing your story Ken-Garcia!

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