Moleskine Author A Month July – Milagritos Flores

We are proud to present to you the July Author A Month Milagritos Flores. As with all previous winners, Milagritos was selected by our fans. If you would like to be considered for the next Author A Month profile, simply start sharing your work in myMoleskine and you have the opportunity to be selected as a finalists next month.

Moleskine Author A Month July – Milagritos Flores

Moleskine Author A Month July – Milagritos Flores

How do you use your notebook?
Milagritos Flores – I especially love my Moleskine Watercolours Notebooks !!! I used each of them for different themes, for example : Birds , Animals , Alchemy , Women Portraits, My Pet, and My Dreams.

I also like the Pocket Moleskine Diaries and collect them. My favorites notebooks are Peanuts and The Little Prince. I use these to illustrate my favorite poems, quotes, songs and my own reflections. In the Peanuts notebooks I draw the Peanuts characters and other comics characters.

For my Moleskine Watercolours Notebooks, I  usually  paint with watercolours, acrylics and temperas and in some illustrations I use coloured pencils too.
For my Moleskine Diaries: makers, art pens, felts pens and sometimes watercolours, tempera and collage.

Moleskine Author A Month July – Milagritos Flores

Moleskine Author A Month July – Milagritos Flores

When do you do your best work?
Milagritos Flores –  When I am inspired and grateful and right now usually at day light.

A parting quote to share with everyone?
Milagritos Flores – “Everything in the Universe is within you. Ask all from yourself” -Rumi.

Thanks for sharing with us Milagritos!

You can download the Sleeve and Bookmark you see above in myMoleskine. For Pinterest fans make sure to follow us! You can also see our Author A Month board showcasing past

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