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Cesar Rojano enjoys photography as a hobby and started getting serious about it in 2007.

Cesar Rojano – Moleskine Photo Book







“Photography is one of my favorites hobbies! I started in a more formal way in 2007 and kept doing it since then. The book is dedicated to my grandfather because he taught me about photography when I was a kid! We use to take long walks in the small town where he lived, share some shots and then compare it. Actually, I took the first pic of the book on one of these walks and he liked it so much that he asked me to print it and put in his studio.

Cesar Rojano – Moleskine Photo Book

The first thing that he said to me about photography was: “Every time you’re about to take a pic, think about with whom you want to share it! Share! There is no sense in taking pictures to keep them for yourself!” And I like to think that I am sharing right now! He passed away two years ago, but I still feel him walking with me. The central pages contain a full-page picture of my grandma and in the opposite page there is a poem written by her almost 50 years ago. This picture is framed in her bedroom and reminds me when every single morning she sat by the window and read a fragment of her bible. She passed away three years ago.   So, this hobby has helped me to share and remember the places I have had the blessing of visiting and I hope to continue doing it for much longer.”


Cesar Rojano – Moleskine Photo Book


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