Photo Book Profile – Natalia & Manuel’s Wedding by Maoz Eliakim

Natalia & Manuel Wedding Photo Book by Maoz Eliakim



“Photography is my life, it took me years
to figure it out and even more to figure that my photos represent what I am.”

–Maoz Eliakim




Maoz – “Natalia and Manuel from the beginning told me that they want something which is a bit more photojournalism style than posing and controlling the scenarios all the time. The wedding took place in Cambrils (Spain) and the book is literally trying to tell the story from the beginning to its end. However, during the wedding just before the party started the grandfather of the bride passed away. Obviously, it was a huge shock to all and it was impossible to continue with the wedding. After a while, with a lot of sadness, the couple decided with the help of their friends and family that they needed to continue with the wedding. After all the grandfather’s wish would be to see them all happy and celebrating. Creating the book album, I wanted to show that after all that happened, the wedding had a lot of life, energy and happy ending and to avoid showing the dramatic side of what happened.

Natalia & Manuel Wedding Photo Book by Maoz Eliakim


I like the design and the quality of the Milk + Moleskine Photo Books. As a photographer quality is a big issue for me since it represents me to the end client. Quality is one of the reasons that I choose Moleskine (also the global materials and design elements).”

Natalia & Manuel Wedding Photo Book by Maoz Eliakim

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