Moleskine Author A Month October – Loredana Micu

We are proud to present to you the October Author A Month Loredana Micu. As with all previous winners, Loredana was selected by our fans. If you would like to be considered for the next Author A Month profile, simply start sharing your work in myMoleskine and you have the opportunity to be selected as a finalists next month.

Moleskine Author A Month October – Loredana Micu
Moleskine Author A Month October – Loredana Micu

How do you use your notebook & what made you select the style of notebook that you did?
Loredana – “My all time favorite Moleskine notebook is the watercolour one – both in small and medium size. The main reason is just the high quality of the paper (never ripples, never bleeds through), but also the way it is bound and the fact that it withstands travels, painting outside, bending and everything I tested so far.  For me, the size is perfect as well for travel sketching (easy to hold while drawing on the street) and also the format of it – I’m usually using it in a landscape layout, giving me the opportunity to do panoramic sketches or a set of smaller drawings that work together in a composition.”

When or where do you do your best work or enjoy working the most? Is there a certain place or moment that makes you feel creative in?
Loredana – “I love sketching anywhere, but for a few months now I really got into urban sketching and keeping travel journals – so it’s really best when I can do a sketch outside, on the street or maybe in a coffee place and drawing what I see. Sometimes when I want to do a more detailed sketch that takes more time I have to finish it at the hotel or at home.”

Moleskine Author A Month October – Loredana Micu
Moleskine Author A Month October – Loredana Micu

A parting quote to share with everyone?

Loredana – “Art should be only joy! That’s why “artists” don’t exist, but only people who feel the need to work, with joy! To sing, like birds! ” – Constantin Brâncuşi.

Thanks for sharing with us Loredana!

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