Photo Book Profile – Annemarie van Essen

Today we are featuring Annemarie van Essen in our Photo Book series.
She is a librarian and mother of two boys, 7 and 9 years old, living in the Netherlands.

Annemarie van Essen - Moleskine Photo Book

Annemarie van Essen - Moleskine Photo Book

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“My inspiration comes from a lot of things – from my family, job where I work with libraries and schools ( and I love to read. Books are magic and they bring you in magical worlds. The letters on paper transfer to worlds in your head. I enjoy drawing some of these worlds, my ideas and also to draw the pictures my children tell me to draw. My hammock is a place to unwind and relax from all the hustle of life.

I draw with one of the best iPad apps I know: Paper by fiftythree.(
It is a magical app to draw and create everything you want. I like to share my drawings as well.”

You can see her other work at her drawings blog ( or through her Twitter account @essen2punt0

“I’ve always used Moleskine’s. So to have the same quality for a digital made booklet seemed a great opportunity to showcase some of my inspiration. And it does.”

Print it in Moleskine MSK format
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