The Books The World Wrote

Is it possible to have a book written by hundreds of authors?
That is the question The Books The World Wrote project is working on now. The project has recently started with four Moleskine notebooks sent out around the world (one currently in the US, two in the UK and the last in Australia). We reached out to the creator, Mark Lawrence, to learn more about this project.

What inspired you to start this project?
Mark – It all started in a creative writing class I attended a few years ago. We were tasked with writing a story each week, so I suggested to everyone that we write one together instead. Each person wrote a bit at a time, then read it to the class. What came out was so unique and fun I wanted to raise the stakes and share the idea with more writers. I’ve always had a love of writing and especially the written word – it’s so personal and says so much about us. Sadly, it’s something that’s lost in today’s digital age.

What are your hopes for the project?
Mark – I hope as the quest continues around the world and that people will feel genuinely inspired by it. Imagine getting a book where 50 or so other writers from all over the world have contributed to it! I hope it inspires all those who came into contact with a book, and those around them.

How can we stayed update on the project?
Mark – I aim to write regular updates on Twitter, so that the story of the Books’ journey stays just as interesting as the Books’ narratives themselves.

Who can take part?
Mark – Unfortunately, the only way to take part is to be handed a book. But I’d say you can follow the progress on twitter and spread the word. Maybe even start one in your own Moleskine book and let us know about it? Maybe start one at your school or college campus?

How do you select the authors?
Mark – The beauty is that I can’t. Each author must decide who to send it to next, they’re in control. This means the books live or die by the generosity and creative energy of each scribe. Without it, it dies. I find it incredibly inspiring that people would invest their time in such a project. If successful, it will be a wonderful example of collaborative creation 🙂

Thanks for sharing with us Mark!

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