Word on the Street

An author’s first moments of inspiration scribed on paper have the power to ignite a chain of sentences that lead to a collection of paragraphs that reside on the pages of what could become the next great story of our time.Word on the street

Rarely, we have an opportunity to see and engage with these early compositions.

Recently, Word on the Street Toronto (WOTS), an annual literary festival in Canada, asked us to help them with a creative project to celebrate the 25th year of the festival, and give their audience an opportunity to witness a writer’s first reflective moments on paper. What resulted was Journal Reflections – a project and exhibition that showcased inspiring words and illustrations from some of Canada’s most applauded authors.

The task was simple: give selected writers like Anne Michaels, David Bidini, and Zoe Whittall (amongst others), a Moleskine notebook and let them write or draw their personal reflection on the last 25 and the next 25 years of word in Canada. The finished notebooks were put on display at The University of Toronto’s Hart House, allowing Toronto’s literary fans to have a one on one engagement with these creations. After the festival, the notebooks were then auctioned online to help raise money for the WOTS organization.

See below for images of the completed notebooks.

May these will inspire you to use your notebook as a tool for creating your next great story.

Word on the street
Word on the street
Word on the street
Word on the street

Print it in Moleskine MSK format
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