Moleskine Author A Month January – Sadamu Asami

We are excited to introduce the newest fan selection for our Moleskine Author-a-Month, Japanese artist Sadamu Asami. A passionate contributor on myMoleskine, Sadamu is an instinctive talent with a penchant for the impromptu, showcasing masterful vision to reveal the beauty in the casual sights of his town. The secret to his style? His line drawing and a spontaneous approach, which reflects in his medium of choice.

How did you choose your notebook, and what kind of use do you make of it?

I draw my pictures in the same way as I would write in my journal. Everything surrounding me can serve as an inspiration for my work. The food I ate, the friends I met, my family, my dog… I get inspired on a daily basis.This is why I always carry my notebook with me. Any time is the right time to create, and I would never want to miss a moment of inspiration.

So notebooks match my life style perfectly.

Is there a setting where you do your best work, or feel the most creative in?
Not really. Everything around me is the creative canvas that gets me inspired for my work. So I do not have a particular place or time to optimize my creative energy.

Is there an inspirational quote you would like to share with everyone?
My mentor once told me: “Filling a drawn figure with colors is almost similar to makeup on bare skin”. Since then I always focused on the line drawing first and foremost. Then I open up and and share what I did with my friends, prior to the coloring process.

You can download the Sleeve and Bookmark you see above in the “Workshop” section in myMoleskine, and if you want to take a chance in next month’s edition, all you need is to submit your best work at myMoleskine. Good luck!