my Analog Cloud, the Moleskine online game (yes, you read that right)

Our notebook definitely says something about ourselves.
Through whatever we sketch, jot, or doodle on paper we end up expressing a lot about what we are. However, our personal identity does not only radiate from the ideas scribbled on the pages. For instance, it can be seen through the things we carry with us on a daily basis.

This is how Moleskine’s latest idea came along.

Enter my Analog Cloud, Moleskine’s new online game.

my Analog Cloud game

The game takes the every-morning ritual of packing our bags and turns it into a way to express our identity, generating a personal profile based on the items we choose to take with us – and the Moleskine myCloud Bag we pick to carry them with.

It’s a playful way to tell everyone who we are, and the results are pretty dead on at times:

Playing is pretty easy:

  1. head to and choose your essential items
  2. pick two Moleskine items of your choice
  3. select your favorite Moleskine myCloud bag to carry your items
  4. generate your results.

The resulting profile can be shared to myMoleskine, on Twitter, or on Facebook.

Did you give it a go? Let us know if you tried it.