A Creativity Challenge: Hot or Cold?

M_hotorcold Creativity Challenge

The contrast between warm and cool color inspires accomplished artists and amateurs alike. Just browsing through myMoleskine, we came across a host of great color-based artworks, many of them showcasing amazing mastery of the warm vs cool color scheme.

So this is how the idea for the new Moleskine #CreativityChallenge came along: Hot vs Cold.

But also, warm color vs cool color, day vs night, bright and vivid vs calm and soothing, and so forth: we’re asking you to contribute with the coolest or warmest colored page from your notebook, an artwork that best describes the mood evoked by warm or cool colors.

Simply submit your creations to myMoleskine with the tag #M_hotorcold to enter.

The winner will be chosen among the 3 most voted submissions, so get ready to spread the word! The winning prize is a brand new myCloud Reporter Bag shipped right to your door, with a special Moleskine treat in it.

Get your color palette ready, and let’s see you flood myMoleskine with a tide of color.