Digital – Analog, made seamless: Moleskine Evernote Business Notebook

If you are a professional, you’re probably used to balancing digital and analog everyday on the workplace. Which means, you’re probably going to love the news just reported on the Moleskine website: the brand new Moleskine Evernote Business Notebook is here.

the Moleskine Evernote business notebook

This latest addition to the Moleskine Evernote Collection is especially designed for professionals, but is probably going to excite everybody from productivity enthusiasts and paper-lovers alike.

Let’s take a look at what it does, shall we?

The first new feature of the Evernote Business Notebook is that each page is divided in 2 sections – private and public. Once you save the page on your device, the app will allow you to save and share public and private notes separately… Enabling you to share the highlights of a meeting with your team, while keeping personal notes for yourself. Just like this:

the Moleskine Evernote business notebook

Another new feature is the tick box at the top of the page. Check it, snap a picture of your notes, and a reminder will automatically be set on your Evernote app. Simple as that.

The analog – digital gap gets smaller than ever after you’ve tried the new business card sharing feature. Place a business card against the cover of the Evernote Business Notebook for contrast, snap a picture and Evernote automatically saves the contacts with information from LinkedIn. If you just made a new connection, you can also share your details in return.

If you are juggling various meetings and tasks at once, no need to use three pages at once. Just reach into the back pocket of the Business Notebook – you will find Smart Stickers to let you tag specific page elements to designated notebooks on your app.

The Moleskine Evernote Nusiness notebook comes with 3 months of Evernote Premium.